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L.A.vation - The World's Greatest Tribute to U2

Leyendas Del Rock Video Bar & 1er Festival Leyendas Del Rock - Guadalajara, Mexico:



"L.A.vation: is the greatest U2 musical experience we have had here in Guadalajara, Mexico.
The first time was in our video-bar and live music plac
e named Leyendas del Rock Video-Bar. On May 18 and 19, 2012. The group literally took over the place, performing for about three hours each night. It was so real, that I heard some people say "don't fool me... they are U2". It is amazing seeing the group connecting with the audience so well, and it was hard to contain people to come up to the stage, to take pictures with them.
The 2nd time was for our annual rock festival "1er Festival Leyendas del Rock, Guadalajara 2012" on Saturday October the 20th.
L.A.vation was the featured group for the festival, and they did it again!
Some people that had not seen them before, were just amazed of the quality of the performance. "The closest thing to U2" , they said.
People from Guadalajara just love L.A.vation and are looking forward to see them again.
- Gustavo Barba, Rock Clasico de Mexico S de RL de CV, C.E.O



"L.A.vation: la mejor experiencia musical de U2, que hemos tenido en Guadalajara, México. La primera vez, fue en nuestro video-bar, para música en vivo; llamado: Leyendas del Rock Video-Bar. El 18 y 19 de Mayo del 2012; este grupo literalmente se apoderó del lugar, ejecutando durante casi tres horas, cada dia, de manera tan real, los temas de U2, que hubo personas que dirían "no me engañes...ellos son de verdad U2".Es increíble ver a un grupo tan bien conectado con su auditorio. Era muy difícil contener a las personas que querían subir al estrado a tomarse fotos con ellos. 
La segunda vez fue en nuestro Festival de Rock "1er FestivalLeyendas del Ro
ck Guadalajara 2012" en Foro Expo GDL en Octubre 20, 2012. L.A.vation fue el grupo estelar que cerró el evento. Lo hicieron otra vez!
Algunas personas que no los habían visto antes, estuvieron sorprendidos de la calidad de su ejecución... "lo más cercano a U2" decían ellos. La gente de Guadalajara simplemente ama a L.A.vation y esperan verlos muy pronto de regreso. 

- Gustavo Barba, Director Ejecutivo Rock Clasico de México S de RL de CV

Music Under The Stars - Tustin Ranch Golf Cub, Tustin, CA

"Tustin Ranch Golf Club had one of the most spectacular and successful Music Under the Stars events on July 20th, 2012. The crowd went nuts when L.A.vation came on stage and it started a phenomenal party that lasted about 2 hours. The crowd was jumping and dancing all night to the classic U2 songs that we all grew up with. We definitely will be booking L.A.vation for our future concert series coming up next year. The guys were a pleasure to work with at all times and definitely made my first time of promoting a concert a great experience. I also loved that the band came into our VIP area and greeted my special guests with a smile and stayed around for another 30 minutes after the show. I can’t wait for next year.".
- Brian Penny, Tustin Ranch Golf Club

L.A. Suitcase Party - Maguire Aviation, Van Nuys, CA

"The band was better than we ever could have hoped for. Everyone was blown away by their appearance, sound, and talent. Bart was incredibly helpful and accommodating in every way. The band came to check out the space on a couple of occasions prior to the event to ensure that all of our needs, and their needs, would be met to produce a fantastic event. We would highly recommend their services for any event that you are putting on. The L.A. Suitcase Party will definitely be requesting their services again at our next event".
- Debra Estes

Crux Events - Lake Tahoe

"We did the sound, staging and lighting for L.A.vation in March in Squaw Valley, CA.  While we have worked with many bands over the past two decades, the experience I personally had with the boys from L.A.vation is one I will cherish.  Not only are they fabulous musicians, they are wonderful people as well.  They were professional, considerate, and gracious.  The entire band was a joy to be around and the fans loved the show.  What more can one ask for!  I would hire these guys for any gig that I was doing".
- James (Woody) Woodruff, President of Crux Event

Brooklyn Hudson - President of BROOKLYN PRESENTS

"I have worked with L.A.vation on a number of occasions booking them at various venues. This band is the REAL DEAL!!! Working almost exclusively with tribute bands, I am aware of most ensembles in this genre… I can honestly say I have yet to find a replica-rock band with the accuracy of performance, sight and sound, even close to L.A.vation. All four band members are uncanny lookalike representations of the band member which they portray. They are always easy to work and communicate with, and have the highest professional standards. Their performances are mind-blowing and leave my audiences shaking their heads with disbelief and wanting more. There is no greater U2 Tribute worldwide…and only a few tribute acts (in general) in their class. L.A.vation performs a show you don’t want to miss."
- Brooklyn Hudson, BROOKLYN PRESENTS

Private Event in Bel Air, California

"We hired L.A.vation to perform at a private function, and were thrilled with the results. The band members were perfectionists, and did whatever necessary to look and sound as much like U2 as possible, and to give us the kind of authentic performance that we were looking for. Simply put, they ended up being the most memorable part of our very memorable event. We love L.A.vation!"
- Zohar Family, Los Angeles, California

Remember 9/11 - The Ride

"This years 10th anniversary of 9/11 stirred emotions in all of us. At this years 9/11 Tribute, L.A.vation delivered a powerful performance that transported the mesmerized crowd to a place only the passion of U2’s music can.  These guys look the part and their sound is so dead on, it boggles the mind in Mysterious Ways. When a tribute band takes on such a monumental challenge of delivering the heart felt lyrics of Bono, the thundering drums of Larry Mullen Jr., the hypnotic bass of Adam Clayton, as well as the haunting guitar rifts of The Edge, the expectation is that they would fall short of the real thing. These guys absolutely L.A.vated the expectations of all that witnessed their show. It was the Sweetest Thing to see the crowd won over with each and every song. Fantastic rock show, I couldn't be more satisfied. L.A.vation has a soulful stage presence that is clearly inspired by and pays tribute to the legendary lads from Ireland. 
A well managed group of great guys that have a passion for what they do. Professional, prompt, and a pleasure to be around. I cant wait to catch your next show."
- Gary Biggerstaff, Founder, Long Beach, California

Bobit Business Media

"We wanted to do something special for our associates and their families so we had L.A.vation play an after-work concert in our parking lot. The band was great – easy to work with, looked and sounded just like U2, just great guys. They did whatever it took to make sure everyone had a good time and appreciated what we were doing for them. We had a ball!"
- Ty Bobit, Bobit Business Media, Torrance, California

Marquee 15

"It may seem a little presumptuous to call yourself “The World’s Greatest Tribute to U2” but L.A.vation lives up to the claim and then some. This is quite possibly the best tribute band out there.The music is spot-on, the performance is dazzling and you have to constantly remind yourself you’re not watching Bono, the Edge and the rest. Simply superb. Marquee 15 will have this band soon and often!!!!"
- Ben Valenty, Marquee 15, Corona, California

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